About Us

Our story into the vaping industry is quite a simple one. We started of selling the simple pen vapes, with the cheap juices, and it was going okish.


Being smokers, a couple of us tried these vape pens to see if we could quit smoking with them, and it was a big fail. We did'nt enjoy it, and kept smoking.


Then a few months later, a friend made me try one of these 'big' devices, which I thought was kinda weird looking, but hey i'll give it ago.


WOW!!!!! It not only tasted awesome, but the cloud that was generated was amazing!!! wink


It really made me feel like I was enjoying this even more than smoking!! So bang, that was the start.


I thought if I have enjoyed this so much, then many other people would definetely enjoy this aswell. So we started sourcing these proper vape hardware, with premium quality juices.


We started with one glass cabinet, with a limited range of hardware and juices. And people came. One cabinet grow into two, and before we knew it there were three cabinets. It was then that we decided, that having a fully dedicated vape shop in London was the way forward for us.


This gave birth to EZCloudz. smiley


We now opearate from a fully air conditioned shop, with a vape lounge and are serving coffee and drinks for all our customers. It really has been a great eye opener for us.


We now stock all the major brands for hardware, and have huge selection of juices, that will definetley please everyone. All of this at  extremely competitive prices.


So what are you waiting for? Pop down and see for yourself...........


Some local information on our whereabouts:

From Stockwell Tube Station - 0 Miles

From Balham Tube Station - 2.5 Miles

From Tooting Broadway Tube Station - 3.8 Miles

From Oval Station - 0.8 Miles

From Elephant & Castle Tube Station - 2.6 Miles

From Brixton Tube Station - 0.8 Miles

From Camberwell High Street - 1.7 Miles

From Clapham High Street - 0.9 Miles

From Kennington Tube Station - 1.3 Miles

From Vauxhall Tube Station - 1.2 Miles

Victoria Tube Station - 3.0 Miles