The Rev4 Kurbis Billet Box is Bead Blasted and Bright Dip Anodized. The Billet Box is the first E-Vaporizer to incorporate massive battery power and all electronics internalized into one dead sexy little unit. The end result is a dependable, sleek , solid, obscenely well crafted USA made vaporizer that needs very little attention to maintain.


Billet Box Vapor Kurbis Rev4

  • Includes:

    • • Kurbis (orange) R4 Billet Box 60 watt
    • • Black Button(MOP)
    • • OCC Coil Adapter
    • • Replacement O-Rings

    Requires: (not included)

    • • One 18650 IMR Cell, Non-Protected.
    • • OCC coil OR any other adapter, coil or rba system for the Billet Box, there is kind of a bunch...
    • • E-Liquid

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